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I have my Django static files in Amazon Servers, and I trying to load these files in my Model Admin File, but its only work with absolute URLs.

In my Django templates I load and call my static files with

{% load admin_static %}
<script type="text/javascript" src="{% static "js/myfile.js" %}"></script>

in settings.py i set this

STATIC_URL = 'https://s3.mydomain.com/static/'

and in my Model Admin, in moment, it only works with

class Media:
    js = ("https://s3.mydomain.com/static/myfile.js",

How can I load these files only with the static file name? I trying

class Media:
    js = ("{% static "js/myfile.js" %}",
          "{% static "js/myfile2.js" %}",)

but doesn't work.

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How about this:

In your settings file:

STATIC_URL = "https://aws.domain.com/"

It is standard settings. Note, that it must end in a slash if set to a non-empty value.

from django.conf import settings

class Media:
    js = (settings.STATIC_URL + "js/myfile.js",
          settings.STATIC_URL + "js/myfile2.js")
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It Works Fine. Thanks. –  Júlio Griebeler Oct 15 '12 at 14:05

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