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I am looking for a way to read the current memory usage of a Windows Mobile process.

I started out with accessing the actual process object. To get processId to be passed to Process.GetProcessById(int processId) method I followed this solution.

Unfortunately, .NET CF 3.5 API for System.Diagnostics.Process does not provide any properties / methods to work with the process memory.

There must be a way to do that since tools such as FDCSoft Task Manager display memory usage for each WM process along with much more process data.

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There's nothing in the CF BCL that's going to give you that information. You'll need to P/Invoke the Toolhelp Functions and build up a heap list then sum those up to get total process usage. Generally, the call order will look something like this:

  • Call CreateToolhelp32Snapshot, ensuring you pass in the TH32CS_SNAPHEAPLIST flag
  • Call Heap32ListFirst for the first HEAPLIST32 structure
  • Keep calling Heap32ListNext for more structures until it return FALSE
  • Call CallCloseToolhelp32Snapshot`
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