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I am looking for a google maps API generator to save time? What do you recommend?

Update: I want to generate (using my API key) a map of the US/WORLD and put markers are about 20 locations. Nothing crazy.

I am looking for something similar to this http://schogini.us/ajax%5Fgoogle%5Fmap%5Fapi%5Fcode%5Fgenerator/ajax%5Fgoogle%5Fmap%5Fapi%5Fcode%5Fgenerator.php

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What do you want it to generate? –  ceejayoz Aug 17 '09 at 18:45

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What language do you need to be working in? There are both client-side and server-side tools for this. For client-side, I like jQuery's plugin jMaps.

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I am using Jquery –  matthewb Aug 17 '09 at 18:49

Try http://www.mapsofall.com/map-generator/, I think this is exactly you are looking for

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