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I recently changed the following things on our Apple Dev portal. I asked this before but wasn't very clear on what I had changed.

I'm using: - Phonegap 2.1.0 - iOS 6 min 4.3 - XCode 4.5

I am using only development certificates for testing. We aren't testing the production certificates yet.

  • App ID's : Enabled Production Push notifications.
  • Provisioning: Added a distribution entry and removed 1 device from the profile.
  • I also changed the Product/Bundle Name in the main target.
  • I downloaded the new certificates and installed them.

I get a token perfectly, it registers for notifications. I don't get an error from Apple feedback. Is there anything that I changed that would effect push notifications? Would I ever have to re-download anything but the provision profile after making changes? I'm testing on an iPhone 4, I've rebooted several times and switched notifications on/off.

I also added the AppStore build scheme if that has any effect.

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I'm using Moons APNS which was working fine, we even get feedback when we use fake tokens. The real token doesn't return feedback and also doesn't receive a notification. –  Jason Oct 16 '12 at 13:50

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Well they started working after I changed the Bundle Display name back to the original name, but I don't think that's what fixed it, I had done that before.

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