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I want to know the differences between different ways for creating hybrid apps.

-creating an index.html file with JQUery mobile and load it on the server, so that I can load/link with phonegap in a native APP the Server URL


-creating an index.html file with JQUERY mobile in the Phonegap www-Folder and conmpile it by running the native app.

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The difference is that in one situation, your data is on a server. In the other, it's on the phone. –  DA. Oct 15 '12 at 14:05

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Storing your index.html on the application itself means less to download for the user, or maybe they won't even need an internet connection! It is beneficial and I would recommend doing so. The only real reason to load from your existing site is if it is too complex to move over to the apps storage.

As far as I'm aware there isn't a benefit of merely redirecting to your existing site, except of course that when you make changes you will have to make them twice. If you have things you expect to change often, like a table of data or something, you could just set up an Ajax call to get the data off the existing site

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Surely these are two completely different things. If you just want your website to be mobile friendly then take the first approach. If you or your client want an actual mobile app, i.e. available as a download from Google Play, Appstore, et al then you need to use the latter method to "wrap" your html in phonegap. The same is true if you want to access handset features such as geolocation, camera, etc. Phonegap is just a platform that enables one to develop mobile apps using html/js, etc.

It all depends on what you want to do.

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