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I use Eclipse 3.7 GAE pluggin for development. My application uses JSF and datastore, and was set up as per https://sites.google.com/a/wildstartech.com/adventures-in-java/Java-Platform-Enterprise-Edition/JavaServer-Faces/javaserver-faces-20/configuring-javaserver-faces-20-to-run-on-the-google-appengine. In my development system, it works well. But when deployed to GAE, the SessionScoped Bean loses data on post-back:

// Input facelet
<h:outputLabel for="popupCal">Date </h:outputLabel> 
<p:calendar value="#{editEntry.current.date1}" id="popupCal" />
<h:outputLabel for="code">Code </h:outputLabel> 
<h:inputText id="code" value="#{editEntry.current.accountCode}"/>
<h:outputLabel for="amt">Amount </h:outputLabel> 
<h:inputText id="amt" value="#{editEntry.current.amountInDollars}"/>
<h:commandButton action="#{editEntry.createCashExpenditure}" value="Create Entry"/>

public class EditEntry extends AbstractEntryBean implements Serializable {

protected SessionBean sessionBean; 

protected Dao dao;

public void init() {
Logger.getLogger(getClass().getName()).log(Level.WARNING, "dao is null? {0}", dao==null);
        setCurrent(new Entry());

public void refreshEntries() {
    entries = dao.getEntries(current.getFinyr(), getTran_id());
    Logger.getLogger(getClass().getName()).log(Level.INFO, "entries has {0} items", entries.size());

public String createCashExpenditure() {
    if (dao == null) {
        Logger.getLogger(getClass().getName()).log(Level.WARNING, "dao is null");
        return null;
    Entry e = new Entry();
    Key key = dao.saveEntry(e, sessionBean.getFinyr());
    current = e;
    Logger.getLogger(getClass().getName()).log(Level.INFO, "current account is: {0}", current.getAccountCode());
    return "newEntry?faces-redirect=true";



    <p:dataTable id="items" value="#{editEntry.entries}" var="item">
// editEntry.entries is EMPTY!

When EditEntry.createCashExpenditure() is invoked, the log shows EditEntry.current is correctly populated, and saved to the datastore. Datastore viewer also displays the data. But on post-back, in newEntry.xhtml facelet, editEntry.entries becomes empty, EditEntry.current loses all data.

I have put in place ForceSessionSerializationPhaseListener as mentioned in http://java.zacheusz.eu/google-app-engine-http-session-vs-jsf-en/394/ The log shows this listener is invoked.

In web.xml, javax.faces.PROJECT_STAGE is Production,

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Please investigate the session cookie traffic and report the findings. –  BalusC Oct 15 '12 at 14:44
Nothing special. On first visit, I got JSESSIONID; after logging in with a gmail account, I got ACSID too. The values and expiry dates of two cookies remain the same before and after the business method createCashExpenditure. –  cpliu338 Oct 16 '12 at 2:49

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I face the same issues, after redirect, previous session is gone. It only happen when deploy online.

I think that is due to session variable set to 'client' for javax.faces.STATE_SAVING_METHOD (in web.xml)

so before redirect, I need explicit set the session as below:


public Map getSessionScope() {
  return getFacesContext().getExternalContext().getSessionMap();
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