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i'm trying to use tiles templates( a tile wich show image and switch to show text)

The question is: where i put this XML and how can i call it in XAML?

Best regards

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have you tried reading the documentation?… – mydogisbox Oct 15 '12 at 14:35
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You don't call it in XAML, you provide it to a TileUpdater instance, as you can see from the documentation for TileUpdateManager below. This simplistic scenario handles a local notification (but there are also scheduled, periodic, and push notifications you can leverage).

Take a look at the App tiles and badges and Push and periodic notifications samples for guidance.

function sendTileTextNotification() {
    var Notifications = Windows.UI.Notifications;

    // Get an XML DOM version of a specific template by using getTemplateContent.
    var tileXml = Notifications.TileUpdateManager.getTemplateContent(Notifications.TileTemplateType.tileWideText03);

    // You will need to look at the template documentation to know how many text fields a particular template has.
    // Get the text attribute for this template and fill it in.
    var tileAttributes = tileXml.getElementsByTagName("text");
    tileAttributes[0].appendChild(tileXml.createTextNode("Hello World!"));

    // Create the notification from the XML.
    var tileNotification = new Notifications.TileNotification(tileXml);

    // Send the notification to the calling app's tile.
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