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How can I change submit button on form to text?

<%= f.submit "Text" %>

I know how to change text on button but I need to change a way to submitting. You can press on link, for example Submit and submit.

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Are you saying you want to use a link to submit instead of a button? –  Charles Caldwell Oct 15 '12 at 14:34

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In order to change the submitting of a form to be triggered by a link as opposed to a submit button, you must use javascript instead of raw generated HTML only.

See similar answers on StackOverflow but a summary of a possible solution in jQuery (which comes baked into recent versions of Rails) would be as follows:

    return false;
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You don't say what ruby version you are using. But try this

<%= submit_tag "Text" %>

Note that there is no form helper here, so no "f." in front

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Update: This should do it using HAML notation in Rails 2.3.x:

- form_for(@object) do |f|
  = f.submit 'Update Or Whatever'

You could also try "button" tag or use an image link that looks like a button.

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