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Given this Backbone Collection

define  [
], ( _, Backbone, Floor ) ->
return Backbone.Collection.extend
  model: Floor
  url: ->
    return '/api/hotels/' + @hotelId + '/floors'
  initialize: (models, options) ->
    if ( options.hotelId )
      @hotelId = options.hotelId

  parse: (response) ->

  alreadyExist: ->
    @.filter( (floor) ->
      return floor.get('number') == @.attrs.get('number')

and adding a new Model from a view the way below, how can I validate if the model already exist within the collection ?

add_floor: (e) ->
  console.log ' Saving Floor '
  floorNumber =  $('input[name=floorNumber]').val()
  floorDescription = $('input[name=floorDescription]').val()
  return new NoticeView({ message: "Please enter a Floor Number.", displayLength: 10000 }) unless floorNumber
  if ! @collection.add({ number: floorNumber}).alreadyExist()
    @collection.create({ number: floorNumber, description: floorDescription }, {
      error: (model, response) ->
        # $(e.target).removeClass('waiting');
        new ErrorView({ message: "Problem saving Floor " + response.responseText, displayLength: 10000 })
      success : (model, response) ->
        console.log model
        console.log response
        new NoticeView({ message: "Floor successfully saved.", displayLength: 10000 })
    new ErrorView({ message: "Floor already exist." + response.responseText,        displayLength: 10000 })
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Collection does not allow you to do that :) it throws a error (In any case there is just a minor variation in your models and you want to validate it, bind to add event and validate back there) –  Deeptechtons Oct 15 '12 at 16:50
I cannot realize how to validate it the way you say. I will do it server side. Thanks Deeptechtons. –  Aldo Oct 15 '12 at 17:06
i will come back with an example :) so that it would solve the problem –  Deeptechtons Oct 16 '12 at 4:11

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Backbone collections proxy the Underscore.js iteration functions which are useful in these cases.

If you have an existing model instance, to check whether it exists in the collection you can just do something like:

var myModel = new Floor();

// the following line logs true if model is in collection, false if not.

If you do not have an existing instance of the model, which from your example suggests may be the case, you can use the find or findWhere underscore functions, for example:

var floorNumber =  $('input[name=floorNumber]').val()
var myModel = myCollection.findWhere({ floorNumber: floorNumber });

If find or findWhere return a model, which you could easily check using a typeof comparison then you will know whether the model exists in the collection or not.

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Hi can we use findwhere if we are check for cid –  Pascal Jul 2 at 12:25
@Pascal: You can't use the findWhere function proxied by Backbone to search for a model's cid as the cid property is not a model attribute. To do this you would need to use the native Underscore find function like this var myModel = _.find(myCollection.models, function(model){return model.cid == "c15";}); –  dcarson Jul 2 at 20:43
Thanks that helped –  Pascal Jul 3 at 20:24

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