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The issue I am having is I have a WebBrowser control called "Browser." The browser is populated from a different controls created by MEF:

 //Apply Button that cretes the HTML that is loaded into the Browser
 btnCreateHTMLPreview(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
   //Clears the content of the observable collection

   //usedControls is an observable collection of all loaded controls in the stack panel
   foreach(var control in usedControls)

 //Code in the MEF Control that creates the HTML that is will be loaded into the browser
   string tempStuff = null;
   tempStuff += "<h1>" + MyControl.lblHeader.Content + "</h1>\n";
   tempStuff += MyControl.txtTextGoesHere.Text + "\n";

   //Give the HTML back to the Application

 //Application side where it accepts the HTML and loads it into the Browser
 AcceptHTML(string passedInContent)
   //Observable collection that holds the content of all possible MEF Controls

   string tempStuffForBrowser = null;
   tempStuffForBrowser = "<html>\n";
   tempStuffForBrowser += "<body>\n";

   //Add the content that was saved earlier
   foreach (var strInd in contents)
      tempStuffForBrowser += strInd;

   tempStuffForBrowser = "<html>\n";
   tempStuffForBrowser += "<body>\n";


I did my best above to try and provide the meat of how I am populating the html and add that back into the browser. If there is anything that is unclear please just let me know.

If I have just one control added so that "content" only has the one control in it when I click the button to load the html, it works just fine and loads it in. However if I have more than one control loaded, I have to click that button twice to get it to show. I found this extremely bizarre. My attempt to solve this was to check and see if there was content in the Browser before leaving the event, but I am unsure how to do this. If anyone has any suggestions or any other ideas on how to solve this problem please let me know.

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It looks like the WebBrowser control has some kind of issue where it doesn't load the first string it gets; I'm assuming there's some initialization that hasn't happened yet. I got it to work by calling


from within the constructor of my class, and then using it from then on worked correctly. Hokey but it works.

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Hokey but I will take it...That worked and now everything is falling in place! Your awesome :-) –  Jimmy Oct 31 '12 at 19:03
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