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i want to convert string into array when comma or semicolon is encountered.

for example a string a , b ; c , d ; e will be converted into

[0] = a 
[1] = b
[2] = c
[3] = d
[4] = e

i tried using explode and that works fine so far but i am able to specify only one deliminator like explode(",",$str) while i want to use two deliminators. i.e. comma and semicolon.

i don't know if it is possible to specify a pattern in explode function as a first parameter.

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Use preg_split:

$pieces = preg_split('@[,;]@', 'a,b;c,d;e');
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Another way of doing it:

$delimeters = array(',',';');

$arr = str_split($str);
[0] = a 
[1] = ,
[2] = b
[3] = ;
[4] = c
[5] = ,
[6] = d ...

$filterd = array_filter($arr, function($elem){ return (!in_array($elem , $delimeters)) });

Basicly , we split the string to array so each character is an element in the array. After that , we are filtering the array to retun only characters which are not delimeters (just update the delimiters array).

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Try this:

$var_save = strtok($string,',;');

echo $var_save;
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