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I want to display an icon image(of a clock ) several times to indicate the duration of time for an Event in my django app.The view only supplies a datetime.datetime value .I need to find out how many hours,minutes there are from current datetime and display the icons mutiple number of times.If the datetime value is in the past nothing is to be displayed.

Suppose,the difference between datetime1 and datetime.datetime.now() is 6 hours and 30 minutes

I need to display 6 big icons(each indicating 1 hr) and 3 small icons (each indicating 10 minutes) duration

What is the correct way of doing this? I think I need to write a filter that returns the difference as a tuple say hrminutes (which looks like (6,30)) and use that tuple inside a for loop that goes like

{% for i in hrminutes.0 %}
  <img src="redcircle.jpg" >
{% endfor %}

{% for i in hrminutes.1 %}
  <img src="yellocircle.jpg" >
{% endfor %}

But then for tag expects only a list! It cannot do for i in 6

Any idea how to do this..Is my only option calculating the hr,minute values in view and passing it with each Event object?

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Adjust your filter to return iterables of length n instead of the integer n. For example:

hrminutes = (range(6), range(30))

That way your for loops in the template will work.

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