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I'm currently creating eventListeners using the following:

client.on('data', function(data){
    // Lots of other functions etc..

What I would like to know specifically, is whether it is possible to identify this particular listener by a unique ID so that I can refer to it individually?

There may be multiple instances of this eventListener open at any time and I want to be able to remove them based on receiving a specific data event that will refer back to this ID. The issue right now is, I have no idea how to identify individual eventListeners.


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You can always store your listener function to a variable and add or remove it like this:

var EventEmitter  = require('events').EventEmitter
    emitter       = new EventEmitter();

var addListener = function(id){
  var listener = function(){
    console.log("Listener", id);
    emitter.removeListener("test", listener);
  emitter.on("test", listener);


// Listener a
// Listener b

With this you have a unique id by having the listener variable that refers to the listener function. In that scope you can remove the listeners based on the scope.

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