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I have a clean install of mountain lion 10.8.2 and have installed rbenv and gem installed wkpdf. When I try and run wkpdf, I get the following message:

xxxx-MacBook-Pro:~ xxx$ wkpdf --help  
Cannot load RubyCocoa library
wkpdf requires that RubyCocoa is installed, which is shipped by default since
Mac OS X 10.5. If you use Mac OS X 10.4, you have to install RubyCocoa
yourself from

Is possible to run wkpdf in the rbenv environment? (I have posted a similar question on rbenv github but have not yet had a response)

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Does anyone have any ideas how to make this work? – pdoak Nov 17 '12 at 13:06
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It's possible that you have installed wkpdf in a Ruby version other than "system" one. Check your active version with rbenv versions.

When installing and using wkpdf, ensure that you've selected the "system" version:

RBENV_VERSION=system gem install wkpdf

Also when using the gem, you must use "system" version as well for executing code in your project, or the gem won't be found.

It seems that because of the nature of how wkpdf works, it relies on executing within system Ruby on OS X.

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That worked. Thank you – pdoak Apr 8 '13 at 11:31

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