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Although I have looked around a little bit but no luck yet

I am using SQL Server. Here is the whole scenario.

I have an old legacy sp (which I cannot change due to lot of dependencies and other issue) which doesn't return any value nor it accepts any output parameter, It just select a value as

Create sp myoldsp (@paramentes)
select scope_identity() as autoID

Now I am writing another sp where i need this autoID values, i have tried

exec myoldsp @parameters
select scope_identity()

and also tried

Declare @autoid int
exec @autoid=myoldsp @parametes

but unable to get that returned value. Thanks in advance for help

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You need to create a temporary table, and insert into it.

declare @t table (id int)

insert @t (id)
exec myoldsp @parameters

(What you were trying - exec @autoid=myoldsp - would return the value from a return [val] statement)

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