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I have an XML snippet like:

<CharacterBlock MinVal="-10.000000"  MaxVal="15.000000" Active="1">

and I need to parse the minimum and maximum floating point values. I can't use an XML parser like ElementTree, so I'm forced to use a regular expression.

I have written the following Python regex:

re.compile('<CharacterBlock MinVal="(?P<MinVal>-?[0-9]*\.?[0-9]*)" MaxVal="(?P<MaxVal>-?[0-9]*\.?[0-9]*)" .*?>', re.DOTALL)

which works for the above snippet. But since the XML attributes are like a dictionary, their order is not guaranteed, and sometimes I receive a snippet like:

<CharacterBlock Active="0" MaxVal="-15.000000" MinVal="-100.000000">

How do I handle this case where the order of the groups I want to match is not fixed?

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Use an XML parser. – kindall Oct 15 '12 at 15:22
Like I said in my question, due to the constrains of the environment I'm working in, I can't use an XML parser and am forced to use a regex. – BioGeek Oct 15 '12 at 15:24
Use one anyway. If there's not one installed, you can install one next to your script (or even include it in your script if you can only have a single file for some reason). If a DOM parser uses too much memory, use a SAX parser. – kindall Oct 15 '12 at 15:54
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can you get the two values separately ? like:

In [2]: s='<CharacterBlock Active="0" MaxVal="-15.000000" MinVal="-100.000000">'
In [3]: import re
In [4]: manReg='(?<=MaxVal=")[^"]*'
In [5]: minReg='(?<=MinVal=")[^"]*'

In [6]: re.findall(minReg, s)
Out[7]: ['-100.000000']

In [8]: re.findall(maxReg, s)
Out[9]: ['-15.000000']
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As the order is not fixed and there are other fields, it seems your best bet is to use two regular expressions, one for MaxVal and the other one for MinVal.

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something like:

for xmltag in re.finditer(r'<CharacterBlock.*?>', s):
    ismin ='\bMinVal=["\'](.*?)[\'"]',
    if ismin:
    if ismax:
    if ismin and ismax:
        print "Min: %s,  Max %s" % (min, max)
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