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I have a link inside a container (slide out menu kinda div) when the container slides out and the link appears, the container is overlaying other content.

The link inside the container has a click handler which does something then closes the (slide out) container.

Everything works fine on all desktop browsers but I'm getting weird behaviour in an android browser in that the click handler wont fire, although the link is being clicked- it has the orange highlight around it, but nothing happens.

The container is positioned absolute and at first I thought the problem was the z-index as when the z-index is removed it works fine, but then the container is placed under the main content and the link isn't always visible.

Even stranger is that when I place the container at the end of the document (so it again overlays the content, but without a z-index) the same problem occurs.

I believe the problem has to be something to do with content being under the container, has anyone encountered this behaviour?

I can provide code if necesarry. Thanks

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Can You provide a link? –  Udi I Oct 15 '12 at 15:50
The code isn't live sorry –  Darcbar Oct 15 '12 at 16:29

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