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I am making an app in which I get text from my server and display it in UIWebview. After some time more text is added and client(iphone) is notified about the additional-text. Now I want to inject this text into my UIWebview.

One method is to update some text file and reload the content. But I dont want to reload the page.

Another way can be to use javascript to check updates in a local file (which seems better).

Is there any known better solution?

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If you are getting the data from the server, why not just use JavaScript and preform an AJAX request to update the page?

This allows you to skip the middle man of updating the 'template' file. Just load all of your data with AJAX in order to always have the most 'up-to date' data on the page.

  url: 'ajax/test.html',
  success: function(data) {
    alert('Load was performed.');
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this data is based on twitter and facebook authentication which I get from native iphone APIs. So I have to use these authentications to get the data from twitter and facebook.. and plus some of my custom data – user739711 Oct 15 '12 at 16:08

I believe javascript is better if you want to keep all user edited data (if there is some). And also should be faster than reloading all page.

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