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I'm looking for a framework, a combination of frameworks, best-practices, or a tutorial about visualizing large data sets with Hadoop.

I am not looking for a framework to visualize the mechanics of running Hadoop jobs or managing disk space on Hadoop. I am looking for an approach or a guideline for visualizing the data contained within HDFS using graphs and charts, etc.

For example, let's say I have a set of data points stored in multiple files in HDFS, and I would like to show a histogram of the data. Is my only option to write a custom map/reduce job that would try and figure out which points fall into which bucket, write the totals to a file, and then use a plotting library to visualize that?

Do I need to roll out a custom solution, or is there anyone else doing this sort of thing out there? I've trying looking online, but I haven't been able to find something that directly relates to this.

Thank you for your help

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We do something like this at Datameer. The files would take a few more processing steps to get to our visualizations, but we run natively on Hadoop so the files would not be far away.

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