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i am using Delphi 7, I wrote a program that get some information from user, combines info from several editboxes and memos and other input components in a memo. How can I save this Memo as a UTF 8 text file? I received some files from last program's users without a solution for utf problem and now, when i open the output file i see ???? (as you know!) instead of different language characters, these are not recoverable, are they?

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Delphi 7 GUI is native ANSI only. So you'll need to properly set the character set of all controls and use UTF8Encode and UTF8Decode to bridge between them and the file data. Note that, since only ANSI is supported, you won't be able to have multiple character sets in a single control. –  Jay Oct 15 '12 at 19:14

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Like this:

  UTF8BOM: array[0..2] of Byte = ($EF, $BB, $BF);
  UTF8Str: UTF8String;
  FS: TFileStream;
  UTF8Str := UTF8Encode(Memo1.Text);

  FS := TFileStream.Create('C:\path to\file.txt', fmCreate);
    FS.WriteBuffer(UTF8BOM[0], SizeOf(UTF8BOM));
    FS.WriteBuffer(PAnsiChar(UTF8Str)^, Length(UTF8Str));
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