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I'm stuck with blurring issue for secondary SVG image inside primary SVG response on every Ajax call in Google Chrome browser.


  • On ajax call, I'm getting SVG content as Ajax response.
  • Inside that response, I have primary SVG image that contains SVG image tag with:

    xlink:href(source) presenting secondary svg image file.
  • I'm trying to append that SVG response to HTML division tag, but this secondary SVG image is displayed blurred with Google Chrome Browser only.

I referred this link: and Googling over this topic, but search result ends up only with Google Chrome cache issue with SVG content.

I tried removing this cache issue by appending a random string as a parameter behind secondary SVG image source path/location. Now it gives a fresh response without blurring secondary SVG image, but it introduces issue of flashing/blinking of secondary SVG image on each Ajax call.

Please suggest the possible ways to get rid of this flashing issue in Chrome browser.


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