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Flailing around here, seems simple.

Have a Seq[Tuple2[A,B]], call it foo, and I'd like to extract the Tuple2 into a (Seq[A],Seq[B]) that I can do a one stop shop multi-assignment on.

val(a,b) = foo ??

Tried map, flatmap and other variations of fail.

Shed the light if you will ;-)

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Try unzip.

The docs specify it as

def unzip[A1, A2](implicit asPair: (A) ⇒ (A1, A2)): (Seq[A1], Seq[A2])

So you can just say val (a, b) = foo.unzip

To go the other way (from x: Seq[A] and y: Seq[B] to z: Seq[(A,B)]), you can use val z = x.zip(y).

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the simple things ;-) Thanks, really useful to be able to break apart nested form mappings in a more meaningful way than "Foo(seq.map(._1),seq.map(._2))" –  virtualeyes Oct 15 '12 at 17:15
You're welcome! You just gotta love Scala's standard library :D –  Dylan Oct 15 '12 at 17:22

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