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Take a look at the action link story examples in the Facebook documentation here: . Note this isn't a question about action links, but rather about other aspects of the example on this page; I'm not using action links, just publishing open graph actions.

In the "Story with Action Link" example, there's a line of text between the action and the action object below; the line is "You have to give this a try! Delicious!" This line of text does not appear in the second example, "Story after Action Link Clicked."

How do I get that line of text to appear? I have action posts working, but I can only get the result in the second example.

I noticed in my Action definition that under "optional properties," there's a field called "message." I tried setting that, but it didn't come out. Is there something else I should be setting to use this extra text field? Is this text field only available if you are using action links, or can I use it without them?

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I apologize for spamming the Java tag, but wouldn't alow me to post this question without also including a non-facebook related tag. Bug:… . – Chris Westin Oct 15 '12 at 17:10

The text set in "message" field comes up in activity the way you want on timeline as personalised message , but your opengraph action should be approved with "user messages" property.

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$facebook->api("me/app-name:action","POST",array('object'=>"$object_url",'messa‌​ge'=>"$message",'access_token'=>$access_token)); this works for me – Smita Oct 15 '12 at 17:28

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