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The jQuery File Upload plugin does NOT currently display the selected file. Does anyone know how I can troubleshoot this issue?

I've implemented 'custom' templates (see below); note I do not need to display previously uploaded material, hence there is no download template.

I have already checked (via logging) that the add callback is being called and that the uploadTemplate function is being called and returning expected values -- for some reason those values are simply not being appended to the presentation table.

  acceptFileTypes: /(\.|\/)(gif)$/i
  uploadTemplateId: null
  downloadTemplateId: null
  uploadTemplate: (obj) ->
    rows = $()
    $.each(obj.files, (idx, file) ->
      temp = "<tr class='template-upload fade'><td class='preview'><span class='fade'></span></td><td class='name'></td>'<td class='size'></td>"
      if (file.error)
        temp += "<td class='error' colspan='2'></td>"
        temp += "<td><div class='progress'><div class='bar' style='width:0%;'></div></div></td><td class='start'><button>Start</button></td>"
      temp += "<td class='cancel'><button>Cancel</button></td></tr>"
      row = $(temp)
      rows = rows.add(row)
    return rows
  downloadTemplate: ->
    return $()

UPDATE 10/16/2012 I added the following to the initialization of fileupload:

  process: [{action: 'load', fileTypes: /^image\/(gif|jpeg|png)$/, maxFileSize: 2000000}, {action: 'resize', maxWidth: 1920, maxHeight: 1200, minWidth: 800, minHeight: 600}, {action: 'save'}]

Which does initiate the attempt to load the image, but unfortunately, the attempt results in the following error. Does anyone know what is the cause and/or how to solve it?

Uncaught TypeError: undefined (loadImage) is not a function jquery.fileupload-fp.js:87

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The problem was the order in which the dependencies were loaded; Load Image needs to be loaded before the other core dependencies.

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Loading the Dependencies in the correct order solved my problem

  • load-image/load-image.js
  • load-image/load-image-ios.js
  • load-image/load-image-orientation.js
  • load-image/load-image-meta.js
  • load-image/load-image-exif.js
  • load-image/load-image-exif-map.js

    (or use the minified version)

  • jquery.iframe-transport.js

  • jquery.fileupload.js
  • jquery.fileupload-process.js
  • jquery.fileupload-image.js
  • jquery.fileupload-audio.js
  • jquery.fileupload-video.js
  • jquery.fileupload-validate.js
  • jquery.fileupload-ui.js tmpl.js
  • canvas-to-blob.js
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Have you installed all the requirements listed for the JQuery File Upload?

According to the README, one of the optional requirements is

JavaScript Load Image function

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