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After this question I found a good (up to date) example to follow here. I successfully got PHP.Core libraries working in VS but still having problems finding my php classes.

The tutorial is simple enough however

dynamic phpObj = globals.@class.PhpClass();

never finds my php class. I have tried with the example file default.php (classname: PhpClass) and with my own php classes which are similar but have a different name.

What am I missing here? I have tried the option

Project Properties>Package/Publish Web>Items to deploy>all files in project

but that didnt help. Currently I have my php classes just under the project as seen below enter image description here

The error I get just says it cant find the class: enter image description here

Using ILSpy here is the main snippet of code for CurrentContext

result = (((ScriptContext)CallContext.GetData("PhpNet:ScriptContext")) ?? ScriptContext.CreateDefaultScriptContext());

This is the line of code that is used to find the php classes (AFAIK).

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You have to include your php files into the PHP context first ... In Web App, to 'simulate' php lifecycle properly, do following:

using (var request_context = RequestContext.Initialize(ApplicationContext.Default, HttpContext.Current))
    var context = request_context.ScriptContext;
    context.Include("default.php", false);
// now the declarations declared by default.php are available in context.
// do anything with PHP objects here
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