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Given the following two tables:

Person table 
id (pk) 

Address table 
person_id (fk person.id) 

How do I create an SQL statement that returns all information for people with zip code 97229?

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I'm just not sure where to begin. I understand how to select from a single table, i.e. SELECT * FROM Person WHERE first = "John", but it's the combining of tables where I get lost –  user1420913 Oct 15 '12 at 18:27
exactly what I needed! thank you for keeping it simple. –  user1420913 Oct 15 '12 at 18:30

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Select * from people p, address a where  p.id = a.person_id and a.zip='97229';

Or you must TRY using JOIN which is a more efficient and better way to do this as Gordon Linoff in the comments below also says that you need to learn this.

SELECT p.*, a.street, a.city FROM persons AS p
JOIN address AS a ON p.id = a.person_id
WHERE a.zip = '97299';

Here p.* means it will show all the columns of PERSONS table.

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Your first where was incorrect (based on your actual JOIN - I have edited it. –  Andy Brown Feb 2 '14 at 13:24
what if there is no relation between both tables, we just want fetch the records one after other –  abas_rafiq Nov 9 '14 at 7:54

You need to join the two tables:

select p.id, p.first, p.middle, p.last, p.age,
       a.id as address_id, a.street, a.city, a.state, a.zip
from Person p inner join Address a on p.id = a.person_id
where a.zip = '97229';

This will select all of the columns from both tables. You could of course limit that by choosing different columns in the select clause.

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Like that:

SELECT p.*, a.street, a.city FROM persons AS p
JOIN address AS a ON p.id = a.person_id
WHERE a.zip = '97299'
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First select all record from person table, then join all these record with another table 'Address'...now u have record of all the persons who have their address in address table...so finally filter your record by zipcode.

 select * from Person as P inner join Address as A on 
    P.id = A.person_id Where A.zip='97229'
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select P.*,
from Preson P
inner join Address A on P.id=A.Person_id
where A.Zip=97229
Order by A.Street,A.City,A.State
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