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I'd like to develop a small game but as I created a Windows Phone Game-Solution, all I get is C#.

I am used to have access to Expression Blend, to edit "Pages" and their elements, so that I can implement their codes behind seperated in Visual Studio.

Is there a way, to have something like that (Visual Studio for code/Blend for UI) for XNA games? After all I work with people who don't understand code at all.

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No, there is no visual editor for XNA projects. You will have to write the core or use third-party libraries to facilitate the development.

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Could you recommend some 3rd party software, which I could use for basic game development? – QKL Oct 15 '12 at 22:06

Take a look at the FlatRedBall-Engine, its based off XNA and has some (quite clunky) editors.

I would recommend you the Beefball-Tutorial:

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this one I recommend for people who are beginners in XNA and WP7

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