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Hey i have a data set uploaded in following form

                                     a: "['apple', 'ant']"
                                     b: "['ball', 'bat']"

Now using Rest API, i want to add new children to the object 'Alphabet'. Now if i use POST it inserts a new random key as a child to Alphabet and PUT at overwrites the current data completely. How to insert a new child using the REST API?

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Since i wasnt clear the first time: What if i want to make a bulk entry - Add c, d, e and so on, in one call? – Kartik Oct 15 '12 at 19:26
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You can address the children directly by URL.

If you wrote "a" and "b" originally to: /SomeKey/Alphabet

And then wanted to add "c" later, you can just send a PUT request to: /SomeKey/Alphabet/c

Additional details about the REST API are here:

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