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I would like to know how could I find out the exact location where my application spends more time. It is C++ code with CUDA calls, so from the C++ code, I have created wrappers that call the CUDA code. Timing the C++ code, gives 5 seconds of execution, however if I profile the code in Nsight, the kernel takes 8ms. How can that be possible?

From the c++ code:

double start_divide = get_host_current_time();
callDivideKernel( keep, d_a, d_A_N );
double end_divide = get_host_current_time();
printf("divideKernel : %g\n", end_divide - start_divide);

cu file:

void callDivideKernel(int N, float* A, int* A_N){

  cudaEvent_t start, stop;
  float time;

  dim3 dimGrid(618,128);
  dim3 dimBlock(512);

  cudaEventRecord(start, 0);
  DivideKernel<<< dimGrid,dimBlock >>>(N, A, A_N);
  cudaEventRecord(stop, 0);
  cudaEventElapsedTime(&time, start, stop);
  printf("callDividekernel = %f ms\n",time);


__global__ void DivideKernel(int N, float* A, int* A_N){

  int k =  blockIdx.x * blockDim.x + threadIdx.x +

  int kmax = (N*(N+1))/2;
  int row,col;

  if(k < kmax){
    row = (int)(sqrt(0.25+2.0*k)-0.5); 
    col = k - (row*(row+1))/2;
    int val = max(1, A_N[row*N + col]);
    A[row*N + col] /= (float)val;


callDividekernel = 7.111040 ms
divideKernel : 5.66533
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You can use the cuda event api to break your code up into pieces (both cuda portions and non-cuda portions) to see where the overall execution time is spent. It's possible that the kernel is only taking 8ms while other portions (e.g. data copy, and/or non-cuda code) are using up the remainder of the execution time. – Robert Crovella Oct 15 '12 at 19:28
Please provide the relevant part of your code, if you really want a useful answer. – Thomas Berger Oct 15 '12 at 20:27
Why wont you use Visual Profiler? – ahmad Oct 15 '12 at 21:14
OK, next try: Your sample code has no error checking. I assume you do actually check in the code you are testing. Are any error codes returned, particularly form the cudaThreadSynchronize() (which by the way is deprecated and should be replaced by cudaDeviceSynchronize())? Five seconds suspiciously looks like a timeout. Is a display connected to your GPU? Does it freeze during those 5s? Are you performing any other CUDA calls as well? Do they succeed (again I assume you check every return code, or you should not even ask here). – tera Oct 16 '12 at 15:06
I built a complete, compilable example out of your sample code, substituting clock() from time.h for your get_host_current_time() And the results I got were callDividekernel = 7.078560 ms and divideKernel : 0.01 – Robert Crovella Oct 16 '12 at 16:03

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