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I have a text file which looks something like this:


[very many lines, that is]

but would rather like it to look like

jdkjf kjsdh
jksfs lksfj
gkfdj gdfjg
lkjsd hsfda
gadfl dfgad

[and so on]

so I can print the text file on a smaller number of pages.

Of course, this is not a difficult problem, but I'm wondering if there is some excellent tool out there for solving problems like these.

EDIT: I'm not looking for a way to remove every other newline from a text file, but rather a tool which interprets text as "pictures" and then lays these out on the page nicely (by writing the appropriate whitespace symbols).

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You can use this python code.

tables=input("Enter number of tables ")
for line in file:
 if (len(matrix)==int(tables)):
  print (matrix)
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(Since you don't name your operating system, I'll simply assume Linux, Mac OS X or some other Unix...)

Your example looks like it can also be described by the expression "joining 2 lines together".

This can be achieved in a shell (with the help of xargs and awk) -- but only for an input file that is structured like your example (the result always puts 2 words on a line, irrespective of how many words each one contains):

 cat file.txt | xargs -n 2 | awk '{ print $1" "$2 }'

This can also be achieved with awk alone (this time it really joins 2 full lines, irrespective of how many words each one contains):

 awk '{printf $0 " "; getline; print $0}' file.txt

Or use sed --

 sed 'N;s#\n# #' < file.txt 

Also, xargs could do it:

 xargs -L 2 < file.txt

I'm sure other people could come up with dozens of other, quite different methods and commandline combinations...

Caveats: You'll have to test for files with an odd number of lines explicitly. The last input line may not be processed correctly in case of odd number of lines.

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