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I want to get next thing...

    # For ArticlesController > ApplicationController
    # in view
    render 'articles/edit/form'
    # tries 'app/views/articles/edit/_form.html.erb'
    # then tries 'app/views/articles/_form.html.erb'
    # then what it wants

Or maybe render with array partial option:

    # For ArticlesController > ApplicationController
    # in view
    render_exists ['articles/edit/form', 'articles/new/form']
    # tries 'app/views/articles/edit/_form.html.erb'
    # then tries 'app/views/articles/new/_form.html.erb'
    # then what it wants

This isn't realized, is this? But maybe some gems for 3.2 or monkeypatches... And don't you know pull requests to rails about it? Thanks!

UPD That's isn't controller-based view inheritance. This should work for (at the same page):

    render `articles/edit/form`
    render `comments/edit/form`
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I'm using the mechanism I described in an article in the rails forum

It works a treat for me though I hear there is now some built in support in the latest versions or at least effort is under way to do add such a feature.

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That already exists, and it's very similar to the controller inheritance.

You must follow a conventional strategy, however. You would put your global partial in app/views/application, then you can put a more specific one at each inherited level, like app/views/articles.

Take a look at the following railscast for more details: #269 Template Inheritance

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I know. That's else. I'm owner for one object in page but guest for other. I.e. two comments and the first is mine. For comments edit form is not equal to new form but they are equal for articles. – Kuraga Oct 15 '12 at 19:37

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