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Product version 9.1.2.

I am writing an event handler for the BeforePopup event for an Xtrabars.PopupMenu. I would like to disable certain items and was following this approach I found on the DevExpress support forum.

private void popupMenu1_BeforePopup(object sender, System.EventArgs e) { 
       (sender as      DevExpress.XtraBars.PopupMenu).ItemLinks[1].Item.Enabled = ! (sender as DevExpress.XtraBars.PopupMenu).ItemLinks[1].Item.Enabled; 

In the event handler I get the XtraBars.PopupMenu sender object and then access the links via the ItemLinks property as shown above. ItemLinks returns an object of type PopupMenuItemLinkCollection. But this object is unindexable. I can find no documentation on PopupMenuItemLinkCollection.

How can I access the items in the PopupMenuItemLinkCollection?

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Did you try to contact Devexpress support to resolve this issue? AFAIK, it's free, even if you don't pay for subscription. – Neolisk Oct 15 '12 at 19:41

I am able to get the indexing via client side code.
1) Assign menu with some id (ex : ID="menu")
2) Make a client side code as
<ClientSideEvents ItemClick="OnMenuItemClick" />

function OnMenuItemClick(){
var item = menu.GetSelectedItem();

item will provide you the index of current menu selected.

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I found the method 'get_Item' that allows me to access the items in the collection:


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