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I have some integration points where I want to test various responses - where do you think should I store these artifacts in my spec/ directory of my rails application?

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This question is unclear. What do you mean by artifacts? Provide more detailed description of what you're doing and maybe some examples. Also, don't try to have a conversation in the "answers" area because answers should be, well, answers, and keep in mind that they aren't sorted by date. –  mislav Sep 27 '08 at 16:28
I believe that the artifacts are the responses - the "expected"s, to use a common phrase. These are too large to include in the test definition itself, and thus become data files tied to specific tests. –  James Baker Oct 2 '08 at 5:00

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In the past I've created a test/resources or spec/resources directory for other test/spec related files. That seems to keep it clear that it's some sort of other file used only for testing.

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you could just create a spec/fixtures dir and stick em in there.

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