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I have the following code, creating figures which I print to files:

imagesc (exp_genes_sorted_cut);

set(gca, 'xtick', 1:num_tissues_displayed);
set(gca, 'xticklabel', tissues, 'fontsize', 14);
ylabel('Genes', 'Fontsize', 18);
xlabel('Tissues', 'Fontsize', 18);

I want to add legend to the right of the colorbar, and I tried doing so using the legend function, but it is not shown... using the text function places it outside the printanle area. Can anyone help ? Thanks,,,

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The colorbar is technically your legend for an image (i.e. intensity/color range pointing to specific pixels). If you want to additionally describe, you can use title()to place it above your image. – gevang Oct 15 '12 at 19:49
What do you want the legend to show? It is is possible to create dummy plot elements and then use those for a legend. – dvreed77 Oct 15 '12 at 23:39

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A possible workaround (if I understood you correctly):

 N=4;                                                    %  # of data types, hence legend entries
 Data = randi(N,30,30);                                  % generate fake data
 imagesc(Data)                                           % image it
 cmap = jet(N);                                          % assigen colormap
 hold on
 L = line(ones(N),ones(N), 'LineWidth',2);               % generate line 
 set(L,{'color'},mat2cell(cmap,ones(1,N),3));            % set the colors according to cmap
 legend('A','B','C','D')                                 % add as many legend entries as data

enter image description here

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