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My Android application has a simple method to fire off an intent to display a URL.

protected void launchBrowser(int id)
    Uri uri = Uri.parse( getString( id ) );
    Intent intent = new Intent( ACTION_VIEW, uri);

    PackageManager packageManager = getPackageManager();
    List<ResolveInfo> activities = packageManager.queryIntentActivities(intent, 0);
    if (activities.size() > 0)
                       "ERROR - no application to display a web page",

I'm using Robolectric for unit testing but I'm having trouble verifying this method. Specifically, getPackageManager() is always returning null. How I can shadow the PackageManager? I tried creating a ShadowPackageManager and calling bindShadowClass, but none of my code gets executed - getPackageManager() always returns null. I also tried to Shadow the Application context and return a concrete StubPackageManager, but got the same results. Maybe I've been searching/staring too long - is there a better way to unit test this method?

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which context is used for calling getPackageManager? Did you try getApplicationContext().getPackageManager() –  Durairaj Packirisamy Oct 15 '12 at 20:15

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For some reason you need to set the shadow packagemanager manually on your application. Create a custom test runner (by extending RobolectricTestRunner) and override the setApplicationState method:

public class MyTestRunner extends RobolectricTestRunner {   
  public void setupApplicationstate(RobolectricConfig robolectricConfig) {
     ShadowApplication shadowApplication = shadowOf(Robolectric.application);
     shadowApplication.setPackageManager(new RobolectricPackageManager(Robolectric.application, robolectricConfig));

Then specify in your tests that you want to use your own test runner:

public class MyTest { ... }
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Thanks @Jan, we tried this and it worked but would have required additional shadows/mocks to be able to generate a response for queryIntentActivities. Instead we chose to override launchBrowser() in a test class and assert it was called. –  mjancola Oct 26 '12 at 13:22

I upgraded to the latest Robolectric (version 2.1.1) and the PackageManager doesn't come up null anymore.

The code below verifies that a browser intent is fired (and configured with a url). I haven't tested this on 1.x, but I think it works there too:

public void recipeTitleShouldOpenBrowserOnClick() throws Exception
    ShadowActivity shadowActivity = shadowOf( detailFragment.getActivity() );
    ShadowActivity.IntentForResult intent = shadowActivity.peekNextStartedActivityForResult();

    // or
    // ShadowActivity.IntentForResult intent = shadowActivity.getNextStartedActivityForResult();

    assertThat( intent.intent,
                equalTo( createBrowserIntentWithURL( "url" ) ) );

Note: I'm invoking start activity from a fragment here.

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You can set the ShadowPackageManager in a separate method (without extending RobolectricTestRunner)

private void setupPackageManager() {
    ShadowApplication shadowApplication = shadowOf(Robolectric.application);
    List<ResolveInfo> activities = new ArrayList<ResolveInfo>();
    when(mockPackageManager.queryIntentActivities(any(Intent.class), anyInt())).thenReturn(activities);

Note : Here, i have used mockito & mocked the packagemanager for my unittest instead of using the actual PackageManager.

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Robolectric 2.2 (at least), does not have shadowApplication.setPackageManager() –  Colin M. Jun 10 at 0:53

I'm using Robolectric 2.3 for this. As noted in other answers, getPackageManager() does not return null, but shadowApplication.setPackageManager no longer exists.

Since you can't mock PackageManager, you can't give it a list of Intents to resolve for. Fortunately, Robolectric's PackageManager subclass, RobolectricPackageManager, can let you add these intents without a mock:

RobolectricPackageManager rpm = (RobolectricPackageManager)Robolectric.application.getPackageManager();
rpm.addResolveInfoForIntent(new Intent(Settings.ACTION_APPLICATION_DEVELOPMENT_SETTINGS), new ResolveInfo());
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