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I have a Silverlight app with Ria Service and EF. In my ViewModel i want to access a coleccion by navigating the entity relationship, in my service i have setup the query and i see that my collection is retrieved correctly, but in my Silverlight side in my ViewModel class it is lost. Anybody had come across with this issue?

The code in DomainService:

            var retVal = (from e in ObjectContext.embarques.Include("Bultos")
                  where e.nro_embarque == nroEmbarque && e.nro_sub_embarque == nroSubembarque
                  select e).FirstOrDefault();
        return retVal;

Above retVal have the desired result in Bultos, then in my ViewModel

EntityQuery<embarques> query = context.GetEmbarqueQuery(NroEmbarque, NroSubembarque);
            LoadOperation<embarques> op = context.Load(query);
            op.Completed += (sender, e) => {
                if (!op.HasError) {
                    Embarque = op.Entities.FirstOrDefault();
                    if (null != Embarque) {
                        Bultos = new ObservableCollection<Bultos>(Embarque.Bultos);

Above Embarque.Bultos.Count = 0

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The only peace i was missing here is to put [Include] attribute in embarquesMetadata class:

internal sealed class embarquesMetadata
    public EntityCollection<Bulto> Bultos{ get; set; }

once included, everything like a charm

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