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I am developing an iPhone application for restaurants. I have used mapkit to show the locations of restaurants. User also have option to see route to a particular location (restaurant) from the current location. I need to add turn by turn navigation in it. I am using google maps and somewhere I read that iPhone does not show turn by turn navigation because that is restricted in Apple-Google contract for maps. Is it really true? If it is, then is there any other way or any 3rd party library, by which I can implement turn by turn navigation?

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ios6 supports it, when Apple release theirs –  S.P. Oct 15 '12 at 20:58
yeah, it has apple maps, but that is full of bugs. Sometimes it shows route that in reality doesn't exists. I can't use that until apple releases updated maps. –  Prateek Chaubey Oct 15 '12 at 21:36

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Your best option for navigation is to let the user choose the turn by turn they want: - Apple Maps using the maps.apple.com - Google Maps using the maps.google.com other apps, such as Navigon, Tom tom.

It is a complicated feature and you're much better off not taking responsibility for any shortcomings of services.

Google Maps licence agreement prevents you from doing turn by turn.

Check Drawing a route in mapkit in iphone sdk

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