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Pretty simple question really. I have two uint64 values. I want to divide the two numbers and get the remainder.

 uint64 number1 = 36556800;
 uint64 number2 = 59325441;
 uint64 result = number1 % number2;
 NSLog(@"Result: %lld", result);

The above code always prints the value of number1 (36556800).

EDIT: I realize that number1 is less than number2. When you divide these two numbers the result is a fraction. I want to capture that fraction. So basically in my example:

 36556800 / 59325441 = 0.6162

How do I get 6162 into a variable? Integer division discards the fraction so isn't the modulus operator what I should be using?

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Well it's easy : number1 < number2. => using the modulo operator you'll always get number1 as the remainder since the result of the division is below 1. –  Matthieu Riegler Oct 15 '12 at 20:17
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How many times does 59325441 go into 36556800?

Zero times, because 59325441 is greater than 36556800.

How much is left when you subtract 0 * 59325441 from 36556800?

36556800 - 0 * 59325441 == 36556800


36556800 % 59325441 == 36556800

Your code is printing the correct answer. If you expected a different answer, edit your question to include the answer you expected, and explain why you expected it.


Based on your revised question, it sounds like you want to convert your numbers to double before you divide:

double fraction = (double)number1 / (double)number2;
NSLog(@"fraction = %.4f", fraction);

Note that a double cannot represent all integers larger than 253 exactly.

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Thanks Rob.. I'm starting to understand. Let me rephrase my question for you. –  Carter Oct 15 '12 at 20:26
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