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I'm using PostgreSQL 9.1.1 and Rails 3.2.8. Using the development mode of NewRelic I've noticed that several SQL queries takes much longer during the first request following my server start or restart than during the subsequent requests.

Is there any reason for that, is that due to prepared statements?

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Just after start none of the indexes is loaded in memory, so the server will have to do a lot of very slow disk reads. As activity progresses more and more index pages get loaded in memory, and consulting these pages is of course a whole lot faster.

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You can see this if use EXPLAIN (BUFFERS, ANALYZE) /* query */; on 9.2+. The first execution will have read plan items, subsequent executions will have shared be non-zero. –  Sean Oct 15 '12 at 20:59
Any idea why there's a similar delay after long periods of inactivity? –  Mark Boulder Mar 27 at 8:29

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