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EDIT: My problem was because the plist file was corrupted . So if you have the same issue, probably is because of something in you plist file.

SO i have this app and everything worked just fine until i updated my device to IOS 6. After that i couldn't install the app on the device . The app worked just fine on IOS 5.0 simulator and IOS 6.0 simulator . When i try to build it for device , the splash screen appears for two second and then the app closes . In Xcode i receive this error :

timed out waiting for app to launch

I searched the web and it said that it is a AdHoc provisioning problem but my provisioning profiles are in order . I even changed the app id and deleted the old provisioning and i got the same error .

In the device console i receive this weird error :

Oct 15 23:48:23 iPad2-3G backboardd[51] <Warning>: Launch Services: Registered unknown app identifier InvoiceAppDev
��Oct 15 23:48:23 iPad2-3G backboardd[51] <Warning>: Launch Services: Unable to find app identifier InvoiceAppDev
Oct 15 23:48:23 iPad2-3G backboardd[51] <Warning>: Can't create application "InvoiceAppDev" without a bundle path
Oct 15 23:48:44 iPad2-3G mobile_house_arrest[200] <Error>: Max open files: 78
��Oct 15 23:48:44 iPad2-3G installd[30] <Error>: 0x2ff81000 handle_install: Install of "/var/mobile/Media/PublicStaging/" requested by mobile_installation_proxy
Oct 15 23:48:44 iPad2-3G installd[30] <Error>: 0x2ff81000 MobileInstallationInstall_Server: Installing app InvoiceAppDev
��Oct 15 23:48:44 iPad2-3G installd[30] <Error>: Oct 15 23:48:44  SecTrustEvaluate  [leaf CriticalExtensions IssuerCommonName]
Oct 15 23:48:45 iPad2-3G installd[30] <Error>: entitlement 'application-identifier' has value not permitted by a provisioning profile
��Oct 15 23:48:45 iPad2-3G installd[30] <Error>: entitlement '' has value not permitted by a provisioning profile

I don't have any clue what happened . Does anybody has any idea why this happened ?

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after the app fails, does it show on the device? You might also try deleting the app from the device and then try again? – nycynik Oct 15 '12 at 21:01
reboot everything. device and computer. set breakpoint for exceptions. delete and reinstall from clean build. the console messages aren't familiar, but they sure do look to be a provisioning issue. – bshirley Oct 15 '12 at 21:12
and then there's the classic arm6 problem wherein you're not building the app for the phone's architecture because settings have changed out from under you… – bshirley Oct 15 '12 at 21:14
i am facing the same problem can anyone give proper solution for how to fix it. – Neetu Verma Oct 23 '12 at 10:21
for me it was because of the .plist file . I replaced it with an old version that i had and everything worked fine . – flaviusilaghi Oct 25 '12 at 8:51

I saw the same error caused by the accidental entry of the following blank field in app.plist:

+   <key>LSApplicationCategoryType</key>
+   <string></string>
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I had the exact same symptoms. Believe it or not, I changed my target code signing from distribution to developer and everything worked as expected.

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Thanks @nycynik - that solved the problem. In xcode open the the "Organizer", choose the device (ex. iPhone), select "Application" and delete the previous Version of the App. Than run again.

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Or just hold the app's button down until it jiggles, then press the X that appears. – Hot Licks Dec 16 '12 at 13:27

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