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My gem file contains:

gem "breadcrumb", :git => "git@github.com:mjacobus/Breadcrumb.git"

gem "simple_menu", :git => "git@github.com:mjacobus/simple_menu.git"

The first gem installs as expected, but the second one fails.

Updating git@github.com:mjacobus/simple_menu.git
Fetching gem metadata from https://rubygems.org/........
Could not find gem 'simple_menu (>= 0) ruby' in git@github.com:mjacobus/simple_menu.git (at master).
Source does not contain any versions of 'simple_menu (>= 0) ruby'

Similar posts points to the lack of the .gemspec file, but this file exists. https://github.com/mjacobus/simple_menu/blob/master/simple_menu.gemspec

I am probably doing something stupid that someone else's eyes will be able to see.


I cloned the repo into the vendor/plugins folder and changed my Gemfile

gem "simple_menu", :path => "vendor/plugins/simple_menu"

Bundle install issues now the error:

bundle install
Fetching gem metadata from https://rubygems.org/.......
Could not find gem 'simple_menu (>= 0) ruby' in source at vendor/plugins/simple_menu.
Source does not contain any versions of 'simple_menu (>= 0) ruby'

edit 2

I new it was a stupid error. The gem name was not correct.


Thank you for your help.

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as Marcelo mentioned , i got same error and it was an stupid thing

gemspec file

Gem::Specification.new do |s|
 s.name = 'niche_wir_theme' 

Gem file (include)

gem 'niche-wir-theme', :git => 

As you can see my spec was using "_" underscore and i was trying to called with "-" hyphen...(palmface), so just take care of the name you are declaring at gemspec file and the one you use for the call in the gem file of the other project


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I The gemspec file as named simplemenu.gemspec instead of simple_menu.gemspec.

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