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I was successfully tested Blobstore upload tutorial. But it use serve method to view the file. I can't find any way to get file path. Normally in php when we upload a file we get the file path, so we can embed that file in html. How can I do that in BlobStore. I searched on stackoverflow and google, I could find python examples but I can't find any for java.

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As you can see in the tutorial example:

res.sendRedirect("/serve?blob-key=" + blobKey.getKeyString());

you have to create a link in your HTML page that looks like:

<a> href="/serve?blob_key=.... blob_key_of_this_blob ....>Serving the BLOB</a>
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How can I attach uploaded image? I tried to do the following, but wasn't successful. <img src='/serve?blob_key=<%= request.getParameter("id") %>'></img> – Isuru Madusanka Oct 17 '12 at 2:42
Does <%= request.getParameter("id") %> contain the blob_key you want to serve? You have to get the blob_key of your image from the blobstore – voscausa Oct 17 '12 at 12:43
There is another trick. You can have served the images by Google instead of doing it youself. It is faster and cheaper. See this article (you don not need GWT): ikaisays.com/2010/09/08/… – voscausa Oct 17 '12 at 15:10
Thank you! I look into it. – Isuru Madusanka Oct 20 '12 at 16:19

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