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I'm converting LESS to CSS via an ant build script. I want to only convert a LESS file if I haven't already converted that file previously.

How do I check one folder for the CSS file and then exclude that LESS file from the fileset?

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You didn't say how you're converting the files, but assuming you have a conversion task that operates on a fileset, you'd need a depend selector, something like this:

<fileset dir="less">
    <include name="**/*.less" />
    <depend targetdir="css">
        <globmapper from="*.less" to="*.css" />

That will only include .less files under the less directory that don't have a corresponding .css file in the css directory. In addition, if a .less file is newer than the corresponding .css file it will be included in the fileset for conversion.

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Thanks for your response, I'm away from the office until Monday where I'll try your suggestion. – Sam Oct 19 '12 at 3:11

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