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Does anyone know I a can make C++ programs for the Blackberry platform?

In some old video they state that 3rd party applications can only be written in Java. Is this true. Or is it possible to write C++ applications if you flash the device?

If anyone has an hello world example in C++ for Blacberry please forward it.

/Thanks :-)

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There is a C++ SDK for Blackberry, but only for the older "three digit" models (ie 957 or before). To write for modern BB devices, you have to use the Java SDK.

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+1 this. If you're going to do mobile development for the mass market, iPhone aside, you'll want to do Java. J2ME has a LOT going for it in terms of market penetration and features available via JSRs. –  DarkSquid Aug 17 '09 at 21:58
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