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I have a self.lookup method in my Active Record. What I want to do is use FactoryGirl to test the method. When I call the class Repurchase.lookup(d, lp) it is pulling from the database seeded data instead of the test data.

in Repurchase active record:

def self.lookup(division, loan)


in my RSpec code:

rr = FactoryGirl.create(:repurchase, pricing_cat_id: nil, loan_id: 1)       
puts rr.inspect

d =, id: 1)
lp =, id: 1, pricing_cat_id: nil)

rv = Repurchase.lookup(d, lp)  
#When I call this it goes against the database 
#HOW TO DO THIS (rv = Repurchase.lookup(d, lp) against test data)?

rv.pricing_cat_id.should eql(nil)

rr = FactoryGirl.create(:repurchase, pricing_cat_id: 1, loan_id: nil)       
puts rr.inspect

lp =, id: nil, pricing_category_id: 1)
lp.pricing_cat_id.should eql(1)
rv = Repurchase.lookup(d, lp)  #HOW TO DO THIS lookup call??

thank you in advance

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I see you mixing build and create in your code. create will create the new object and save it to the database; build creates it but doesn't save it right away.

So your variables d and lp are ActiveRecord objects living in memory, but not in the database. I'm assuming that your Repurchase.lookup method uses ActiveRecord calls to look for the right stuff in the database. So for those new objects to be visible to lookup, you should either be making them with create, or saving them to the database yourself by calling save on them.

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