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I get the 2 following errors in firefox when using signalR and I do not know why:

Timestamp: 10/15/2012 3:53:48 PM
Error: The connection to http://localhost:81/signalr/connect?transport=serverSentEvents&connectionId=84a7f433-0cc8-4baf-93e9-d4c3ca968466&connectionData=%5B%7B%22name%22%3A%22Chat%22%7D%5D&tid=7 was interrupted while the page was loading.
Source File: http://localhost:81/Scripts/jquery.signalR-0.5.3.min.js
Line: 9


Timestamp: 10/15/2012 3:53:50 PM
Error: no element found
Source File: http://localhost:81/signalr/abort?transport=serverSentEvents&connectionId=84a7f433-0cc8-4baf-93e9-d4c3ca968466
Line: 1

Everything seems to work fine with SignalR and my application works as expected across all browsers, but I just get these errors in firefox only. Any ideas?

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Might be related to the second error stackoverflow.com/questions/975929/… –  keyboardP Oct 15 '12 at 23:01
i got the same thing –  Shane Km Apr 24 '13 at 7:34
@anthonypliu, did you ever get this one solved? –  Mohoch Nov 26 '14 at 10:15

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