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I am passing an object to an action method and that action method displays the view but it has all the proerties in the querystring and I do not want that (I have a long json string that cannot pass in url). How can I pass in a model object and not have it in the querystring? Also when you have a strong type view, Where does the object values for the Model store? Thanks for any help.

      //This works fine when I am calling /controller/uploader
        public ActionResult Uploader(Model model)
        return View(model);

        //But when I am on another method and want to call uploader it does pass the object but puts //all the data in a querystring
        public void DoSomething(string val, string anotherval){
        Model model = new Model();
        Uploader(model);//This passes the object but when uploader page shows it has all the    //model object properties in querystring and I do not want that.

 return RedirectToAction("Uploader",model);//or this does the same thing
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Try using the POST method on the html form:

<form action="/uploader" method="POST">
    <!-- maybe some input elements? -->
    <input type="submit" />

This will transfer the data as Form Encoded within the request body and keep the data out of the query string.

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