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in the sample project,


on line 217, there is a directive for including non-code files :

:resource-paths ["src/main/resource"] ; non-code files included in classpath/jar

I have a resources folder in my project and this line in my project.clj

:resource-paths ["resources"] ; non-code files included in classpath/jar

however, when I run lein jar to generate the .jar file, it does not package up the resources folder.

Is there something that I am missing?

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Actually, it did get packaged. I just was not looking in the right spot:

from: Resources in Clojure applications

'Leiningen borrows the convention for resources from maven, with slightly different folder layouts. The rule states that the resources folder must be used as a compile time classpath root, meaning that leiningen is right in putting all the files inside resources folder in the root location inside the jar.'

I thought that a resources directory would get created with the jar itself but lein jar copied all the files in the resources directory to the root of the jar.

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Hi @zcaudate I'm trying to solve this question stackoverflow.com/questions/23020288/… but I think it's different from this solution, isn't it? –  tangrammer Apr 11 '14 at 18:43

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