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I just want to say that this is not normally something I do, but I have been tasked with it recently... I have followed the heroku documentation for setting up SSL closely, but I am still encountering a problem.

I have added my cert to heroku using the following command:

heroku certs:add path_to_crt path_to_key

This part seems to work. I receive a message saying:

Adding SSL Endpoint to my_app ... done

I have also setup a CNAME for my hosting service to point to the endpoint associated with the cert command above. However, when I browse to the site I still receive a SSL error. It says my certificate isn't trusted and points to the *.heroku.com license, not the one I have just uploaded.

I have noticed that when I execute the following command:

heroku ssl 

I receive the following:

my_domain_name has no certificate

My assumption is that there should be a certificate associated with this domain at this point.

Any ideas?

Edit: It appears that I did not wait long enough for the certificate stuff to trickle through the internets... however, my question regarding the "heroku ssl" command still puzzles me.

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The Heroku ssl command is for legacy certificates:

$ heroku ssl -h
Usage: heroku ssl

 list legacy certificates for an app

The command you need is heroku certs which will output the relevant certificate info for that project.

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