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I have an NSDocument app and I would like to have a NSTextField to commit the current changes to the model every time the user save (through cmd+s for example).

I don't use binding and at the moment the changes are pushed to the model in the -controlTextDidEndEditing: method. Calling the [window makeFirstResponder:nil] does push the changes to the model but also causes the control to lose focus which is not really a reasonable behaviour.

Googling around I have seen that several people suggested to use the -commitEditing method but it only applies to bindings, am I wrong?

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You can just call your already defined controlTextDidEndEditing: from your save action:

    [self controlTextDidEndEditing: ...]

to trigger the same code you already wrote!

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That wouldn't work unless –  Jacopo Oct 16 '12 at 4:44

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